ECU Remapping, Fuel Saving, More Power - Powertrucks Group

Nowadays with fuel prices rising, its all about the profit. By having your agricultural vehicle remapped you can maximise your productivity and ultimately, your profitability.

So what’s involved in Engine Remapping?

Our highly trained technicians come to you at a suitable time and location. They will then plug into the diagnostic port on your vehicle, read the information stored in the ECU and load the information into our computer. The appropriate settings are then modified to your individual needs and re-entered back in to the ECU on your vehicle.

What do you get?

With our technical knowledge and many years of experience, you get a full tailor made agricultural remapping service, a

20% increase in BHP and torque, a fuel saving of up to 15%, enhanced throttle response, fewer gear changes and the best service.

What are the risks?

None, we give you a NO RISK 60 DAY money back guarantee and a LIFETIME peace of mind warranty. This means you can try it for yourself, and if you are unhappy we will remove our settings, return your vehicle to original and refund you all your money. As long as you own the vehicle, you are also covered by our LIFETIME warranty.