ECU Remapping, Fuel Saving, More Power - Powertrucks Group

Powertrucks International were key to the founding of the truck remapping industry way back in 1998.

We are unique in the fact we started as truck tuners, remained committed to truck tuning and have continued to develop our skills and expertise, ensuring our knowledge and service is unrivalled in our industry.

Powertrucks have been instrumental in many of the 1st’s in the truck remapping industry and continue to be committed to this standard.

We write our own remapping programs and know exactly what is in the program and of the influential and innovative benefits it will bring.

We offer unbeatable warranties and guarantees and posses the most advanced engine remapping technology in the world, allowing us to tailor make a program for your specific vehicle and application by simply plugging into the diagnostic port and adjusting the settings, giving you even more impressive results than ever.

We are proud of our history so far and the many milestones on route to today’s leading position worldwide. Tomorrow starts, by building on this further.