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By using Powertrucks Group Remapping service for your Truck Remapping, Coach Remapping, Car Remapping, Van Remapping or Agricultural Remapping requirements, you are guaranteed satisfaction and a first class service.

Whatever you drive, our aim is to work with you to maximise your vehicles potential, your profit and bring you impressive results that will last a LIFETIME.

Tuning is constantly evolving. From the humble days of ‘Chipping’ with plug and play boxes to ‘Re-Programming’ with the removal of ECU’s and to the present day with ‘Remapping’ through the diagnostic port, Powertrucks were here at the beginning and so we shall remain.

Unlike many other Remapping companies, we write our own maps, have many more years of experience and have factory trained technicians. This means you get the best possible modification for your vehicle and your job with unmatched warranties and guarantees. FACT!

*Figures from DAF XF 105/510 2007 based on avg 1800 mile per week trip, figures may differ between vehicles, drivers and goods.


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